Updated news:XINDACHENG Equipment appears in the German K Exhibition    Round dripper irrigation pipe production line and drip mould sent to Iran by today.

Drip irrigation pipe packaging machine

Drip irrigation pipe packaging machine

  Cylinder Wrapping machine is suitable for packaging cylindrical objects, especially for a closed wrapping small cylindrical goods, such as: Drip irrigation pipe reel, coil, rubber and small paper disc packaging. Small cylindrical Wrapping machine features are: lightweight, flexible, and easy to operate. .


The main parameters
  *Wrapped specifications    Ф:300-800mm   Width:300-500mm
  *Packing efficiency 20-40 volume/hour
  *Turntable bearing           600kg / speed 0-12rpm Adjustable Frequency
  *Turntable height    460mm
  *Machine weight    300kg
  *Dimensions    2000mm×2895mm×2270mm
  *Power / Voltage    1.0kw/AC380V



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